How Does A Payday Advance Work?

For many people today, an unexpected financial emergency can cause untold stress and worry. Perhaps it is an unplanned car repair, an unforeseen medical expense, or some other short-term monetary need. Whatever the circumstances, if you are living on a tight budget and have no real savings to fall back on, trying to pay a bill of $50 or $100 can seem next to impossible. is not a lender. We don’t write loans or extend any type of credit. But we can help consumers just like yourself who are facing an immediate cash-crisis by matching you with a reputable short-term lender. Our referral service is free of charge. Even if you have less than perfect credit or no established credit at all, will strive to match you with a payday lender who can provide the funds you need until your next pay day.

This website cannot guarantee that you will be matched with a lender. Not all applicants will qualify for a payday advance loan and approval is not guaranteed.

You can apply quickly and easily from our secure website and approval usually takes only a few minutes. The amount of funds generally available range from $100 to $1000 maximum. Not all lenders can provide the maximum amount and there is no guarantee once you apply how much you will be approved for.

Every lender has their own set of rules and regulations when making the loan approval decision. does not play a role or have any influence in this process. Each lender makes their own determination on whether to approve a loan request based on the information which you provide on your application.

Payday advance loans are considered short-term loans. This means that they are meant to be fully repaid within a very short period of time (normally two weeks or your next payday). You should be confident that you will be able to repay the loan in this amount of time before committing to a payday advance loan. Borrowing money is a serious responsibility. Think carefully before signing any loan agreement.

Here’s how to get started!

Step 1: Simply fill out the easy online application.
It’s fast and completely secure. You can avoid delays in processing your application by filling out the form completely and honestly. Lenders generally will not consider a loan request application where the information is not verifiable. Most lenders will confirm personal information such as social security number, address, and phone numbers. They also will perform routine credit checks on applicants (having poor credit does not necessarily disqualify an applicant).

Step 2: Receive your money.
Lenders normally determine loan amounts based on the applicant’s current level of income, past credit history, and the amount of outstanding debt. Not all lenders can provide the maximum amount of funds and not all offer one-hour transfer times. Depending on the day and time when you are approved, most cash funds can be wired to your banking account within one business day. If your specific lender offers one-hour cash transfer times, you can expect to pay an extra fee for this expedited service.

Step 3: Use your payday advance however you choose.
You may use your funds for whatever financial need you choose. strongly encourages you to use a payday advance loan for true financial emergencies only. Short-term loans are designed with a quick repayment time and are meant to be used sparingly and with caution. Payday advance loans are not a solution to long-term debt problems and should never be used as such. Always borrow responsibly!

© All rights reserved | Site Map is not a lender. This website does not make short-term cash loans or any credit decisions. offers consumers a free payday loan matching service. Submitting an application does not guarantee that you will be matched with a lender. Not everyone will qualify for a payday advance loan.

Not all lenders can provide the maximum $1000 cash funds. Cash transfer times vary among lenders and not all lenders offer one hour cash transfer service. Every lender makes the approval decision independently and this website has no influence in this decision.

Payday advance loans are not available in all 50 states. Active-duty members of the U.S. military are not eligible to apply for a payday advance loan. The list of participating states may change at any time and without prior notification.